Taylor McDonald

Sep 22, 2016  |  Today's News

National Voter Registration Day is September 27, 2016 and all across the country, dedicated citizens will be conducting events, door-to-door campaigns, and other measures to increase voter registration. The day is a good reminder for those of us who have not yet registered or are unsure of our registration status. Political attack ads, lawn signs, and social media make it impossible to forget that Election Day is fast approaching, but remembering to register to vote can fall through the cracks in our busy lives. So here's your friendly reminder: Have you registered to vote yet? If you haven't, you can start the process at the official National Voter Registration Day website

IL Corn believes that voting is an essential part of making change happen. Not only is it a chance to elect people who will effectively represent your values and fight for the issues that matter to you, but it is also an opportunity to elect those who could make important and positive changes for your community if it isn't yet happening. Election Day is November 8 and we believe that elections can bring new ideas and people to make a difference in local, state, and federal governments across the nation that have become complacent, gridlocked with partisanship, or simply ineffective despite best intentions.