Lindsay Mitchell

Sep 02, 2016  |  Today's News

For many farmers, this long, holiday weekend might be the last chance to submit atrazine comments or risk losing access to the important tool forever.

Are you getting ready for harvest?  Are your thoughts turning to the field, the yield monitor, and always to the elevator checking commodity prices?  Check your atrazine comments off the list and finish them up today!

You can click here to make your comments.  The entire process takes less than one minute.

Background on the issue:

The U.S. EPA recently released a draft Ecological Risk Assessment on atrazine, but sadly, they failed to use the sound science available to them and opted instead to use studies that their own scientists declared invalid in previous reviews.

Political activism is driving the re-registration of atrazine.  We have to make our voices heard that politics and activism will not be allowed to drive the future of agriculture.

You know that if allowed, other crop protection tools will be at risk based on phony studies without scientifically valid results.  This sets a dangerous precedent.

Tell EPA to follow their own high science standards. Ask the EPA to listen to the recommendations of their own Science Advisory Panels and more than 7,000 science-based studies that consistently prove atrazine’s safety. Politics and activist agendas have no place in a regulatory agency required by law to use credible scientific evidence in its decisions.

Thanks for your help preserving access to atrazine, an important crop protection product on your farm.  Click here to make your comments, right now.