Tricia Braid

Mar 07, 2017  |  Today's News

You know that your IL Corn checkoff is invested in the collaborative effort called Illinois Farm Families. Our goal is to improve consumer trust in Illinois corn farmers and corn farming methodologies. Other partners in IFF include Illinois Soybean Association, Illinois Pork Producers Association, Illinois Beef Association, Midwest Dairy, and the farm bureau. In the past week, one particular post on the IFF Facebook page went viral and now has over 1 million impressions. That’s something worth celebrating. If you have a Facebook account, head on over to the page and add your two cents. Remember, we don’t want to engage in a negative fashion. We join the conversation to understand where others are coming from and to offer your expertise as it relates to your experiences on your farm.

The infographic about antibiotics in milk has reached more than 1,000,000 people on Facebook since it was posted on Friday. With more than 130 comments, there has been plenty of opportunity for productive, dialogue-based interaction. Take a read through the comments to see for yourself.

Here’s how this came about: 

As a part of Illinois Farm Families’ latest campaign window, Learning the Label Lingo, we created a series of infographics to share on social media with information about food and what labels really mean. The antibiotics infographic was the first to be posted and has received more than 90,000 engagements from people on Facebook. People have questions about how you grow their food, and who better to get their answers from than the farmers themselves?

Remember, people have questions about how we farm in Illinois. You have the answers! If you would like to become more engaged in the process of having a conversation through social media, reach out to Tricia Braid at the IL Corn office She can get you put together with some resources to hone your skills.