Taylor McDonald

Mar 13, 2017  |  Today's News

IL Corn is a proud contributor to the Illinois Livestock Development Group (ILDG), a coalition of several Illinois associations (Illinois Corn, Illinois Beef, Illinois Pork, Illinois Soybeans, Illinois Milk) whose goal is to increase the number of animal units within the state. 

ILDG primarily accomplishes this goal through building a better business climate for livestock. Although the coalition works together, their goals are enacted through the work of Nic Anderson, the ILDG Business Developer.  Anderson helps livestock farmers across Illinois expand their farms or build new ones. In Illinois, the Livestock Management Facilities Act (LMFA) gives farmers the guidelines they must follow to build a new livestock barn or expand an already existing farm.  Nic works with farmers to help them understand and follow the LMFA. Also, his work generally helps the entire ag industry by attempting to make raising livestock in Illinois an accomplishable feat.

Since the beginning of 2017, Anderson and the ILDG have helped open or expand 16 different operations across the state. Eight of these sites were completely new sites and eight sites were expansions of previous operations. 

The ILDG caters to many types of livestock. The 16 operations since the beginning of 2017 include beef, Greenup Illinois Board Stud, and swine. Altogether. January and February brought approximately 19, 200 new livestock units to Illinois. We are excited to continue the positive momentum throughout the coming year. 

Learn more about the efforts of the ILDG at their website.