Lindsay Mitchell

Mar 16, 2017  |  Today's News

In 2016, the United States was again the world’s largest net exporter of ethanol, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) trade data.

Net exports are calculated as the difference between exports and imports. The 2016 calendar year concluded with U.S. net exports of 838 million gallons, the second highest level ever, exceeded only in 2011. U.S. ethanol shipments exceeded 1 billion gallons, and incoming shipments totaled nearly 215 million gallons in 2016.

The U.S. is both a major ethanol exporter and one of the world’s largest importers.  U.S. ethanol exports to Brazil have increased substantially due to the price disparity relative to competitively-priced corn ethanol. 

Due to price, Brazilian sugar is better used for sugar production right now leaving a gap in the renewable fuels available to Brazilian customers.  The U.S. is able to fill that gap with relatively low-priced corn ethanol.

The U.S. is also working with Japan to meet their strict greenhouse gas criteria and hopes to see relationships built with that country in the coming years.

The Illinois corn checkoff partners with the U.S. Grains Council to market U.S. corn-based ethanol overseas.  You can read this original article and learn more about U.S. ethanol on the U.S. Grains Council website.