Lindsay Mitchell

Aug 31, 2017  |  Today's News |  Public Outreach

IL Corn is finishing out the week at Farm Progress Show and is very happy with the conversations with members and corn farmers we’ve seen. 

New this year was a collaborative booth where IL Corn and IL Soybean showcased many of the issues the two both work on.  Farmers could relax while learning about efforts to build new trade relationships, to increase livestock numbers in Illinois, and to conserve the natural resources on Illinois farms.

Speaking of conservation, the free, confidential water sampling was a highlight of our booth, with many farmers testing their water for nitrates.  The release of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy update highlighted the need for farmers to be engaged in discovering and dealing with their own nutrient loss.

Understanding what’s new in the ethanol industry engaged many farmers as well.  The IL Corn booth featured a Mini Cooper, the first vehicle engine designed and warrantied to run on a higher ethanol blend (E25).  The American Lung Association also exhibited in our booth, helping Progress Show goers understand how ethanol use contributes to cleaner air.

Farmers can always count on getting politically active in the Illinois Corn Growers Association tent!  This year, we asked farmers to send a message to Congress about the Waters of the U.S. rule.  Luckily, the comment period for the WOTUS rule was extended, so many farmers got to comment that wouldn’t always engage.  On Wednesday, with the Farm Bill listening session held near the grounds, farmers were also able to share with their Congressman how important a revenue based safety net and a vibrant crop insurance program is to them.

One of the highlights of our presence was The Soil Your Undies Project, a fun way to highlight the importance of microbial activity and its association to soil health. The display received so much attention that IL Corn Communications Director Tricia Braid was featured talking about the project on IllinoisHomepage.netClick here to watch the video.

We’re already looking forward to the next show!  Thanks for coming to visit us in booth 605!