Lindsay Mitchell

Oct 30, 2017  |  Today's News |  Conservation

With harvest only 62 percent complete, there are many farmers who don’t have fall nitrogen application in mind just yet, but for those of you that do, the Green Means Go campaign by IL Corn continues again this year.

The first – and likely the only – map is published today indicating that all farmers north of Route 16 in Illinois can safely apply fall anhydrous with a nitrification inhibitor.



IL Corn’s Green Means Go map is created with the technical expertise of and in partnership with a Champaign-based company called Agrible.  The map originated to answer corn farmers’ concerns about making the best decisions they can about fertilizer application timing.


Remember that farmers south of Route 16 should not be applying fall nitrogen as a part of their farm management plans. 


This prediction is broad and based on county-level data, and therefore should be considered directional rather than prescriptive. For the best information, farmers should consider accessing farm-level data to pinpoint application timing that is best for their specific situation.


IL Corn members can do just that.  Also located on the IL Corn website, IL Corn Growers Association members can access a free 30-day trial of the Agrible service using the code ILCORN2017 to input data concerning their specific farms and receive more detailed information.


IL Corn recommends proper timing of Fall N as a component of a suite of best management practices that should be tailored to each farm’s unique situation. A nitrification inhibitor should also be used at the recommended rate.