Lindsay Mitchell

Oct 05, 2017  |  Today's News |  Public Outreach

Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom is helping teachers and students understand the benefits of domestically produced corn-based ethanol.

One of their outreach opportunities is to create small lesson plans that use electronic articles in FarmWeek and other partnering association news outlets to make it even easier for teachers to teach about agriculture.

This week’s mini news lesson plan featured a recent IL Corn article about how ethanol is buffering fuel price spikes following a significant decrease in supply due to Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma.

That IL Corn article can be found here.

“Our goal is to make teachers aware of agriculture in their daily lives and to give them easy opportunities to share that information in their classrooms,” said Kevin Daugherty, Education Director of Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom.   

The FarmWeek Bellringer activity is delivered each week to over 800 Agriculture Educators at the junior high, high school and collegiate level and to an additional 160 interested Social Studies, Language Arts, Current Events and STEM teachers.  

“We are in the midst of our second school year with this weekly feature,” Daugherty adds, “teachers anticipate this arriving in their email and make it a priority to use on Tuesday morning.  Many teachers appreciate both the current events nature of the articles as well as adding an impact of using informational non-fiction texts to reinforce reading and reasoning applications with their students.”

To sign up for your email copy visit Agriculture in the Classroom .