Tricia Braid

Apr 09, 2018  |  Today's News |  Exports |  Legislation & Regulation |  Farm Policy

In a press gaggle held in conjunction with his cabinet meeting today, President Trump indicated that he understands farmers have a lot to lose when it comes to exports. The president specifically mentioned the Chinese tariffs situation and NAFTA renegotiation as costly to farmers who are having a downtrend, as the president put it. He reaffirmed his direction to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue to, “…make it up to them (farmers).” The President also said, “Our farmers are great patriots...They understand they are doing this for the country.”


You can find news coverage regarding trade implications to farmers here.


So the question is, where can Secretary Perdue find support to make it up to farmers, as the president indicates is his intention? The options are slim. University of Illinois ag policy specialist Jonathan Coppess explains the situation in this video. Coppess says regarding the trade issue more broadly, “We’re kinda left hoping there’s a strategy that has a chance for some success, or we’re gonna talk about a lot of pain, particularly in agriculture, without a lot to show for it.”


As Todd Gleason reports, there aren't many options for Sonny Perdue. Listen below: