Lindsay Mitchell

May 01, 2018  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Legislation & Regulation |  Farm Policy

Although the House Agriculture Committee prides itself on bipartisanship, lines were clearly drawn in the farm bill vote out of committee in April.  The vote was 26-20, along party lines. 


With a more partisan farm bill debate, farmers must be prepared to defend the programs and program nuances that are most important to them.


One amendment that we expect in the farm bill debate is to eliminate the Harvest Price Option (HPO) in Crop Insurance.  We know from our members that this is an important aspect of your crop insurance functionality and we want to be prepared to defend it.


Please spend 10 minutes taking this survey.


For any readers that aren’t aware, The Harvest Price Option is revenue or price coverage within the crop insurance policy that covers lost production on the higher price for the year, whether it is just before planting time or near harvest.  It is similar to the concept of paying an indemnity at “replacement value,” similar to what is available for homeowner’s insurance. It enables the farmer to acquire the lost production at its replacement cost.


The Illinois Corn Growers Association needs farmer perspectives on the importance of this option to be able to defend the HPO in a meaningful way during anticipated farm bill debate.


If you are a farmer, we would encourage you to invest ten minutes in the future of your farm, by letting us know if the HPO is important to you! 


Thank you for helping us protect the tools you use on your family farm.  Your answers will make an impact!