Lindsay Mitchell

Sep 18, 2018  |  Today's News |  Legislation & Regulation |  Additional Research

Following a California jury’s decision to award $289 million in damages to a man dying of cancer because he claims the disease was caused by exposure to herbicides, you might be hearing more about glyphosate and its risks than usual.


But what should you say?


Certainly, you should speak from experience.  As a farmer, you undoubtedly have more experience with Roundup and other more or less toxic chemicals than a non-farmer so you have a world of expertise to offer than your non-farmer friend or neighbor.  Sometimes, when a personal experience comes from a friend or trusted neighbor, a skeptic is much more willing to consider a different perspective.


But there’s also this:


Though the film is a bit over 8 minutes (and in today’s world and short attention spans, that’s pretty long), there is a wealth of information here.  Not only does this video help explain why folks can be a bit skeptical about the Environmental Working Group’s seemingly arbitrary limits on glyphosate, it also might give you and others a model by which to investigate other claims.


It’s worth the watch.  And it’s worth the share on Facebook or Twitter if you are a user of popular social media.


The entire ag industry will thank you.