New Campaign Showcases Corn's Versatility

Dan Obert

Sep 15, 2020  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Public Outreach

New Campaign Showcases Corn’s Versatility

A new marketing campaign highlighting corn’s versatility rolled out this past month. The ads help those living in cities better understand one of Illinois’ biggest crops.

As part of the Illinois Runs on Homegrown Corn campaign, a new video highlights all the ways corn is used in our everyday lives. From toothpaste to medicine, art supplies to fireworks, corn can be found in a myriad of daily use products.  

In addition to the video, the campaign also features several farmers from across the state who give a face to the crop that is found in so many products. The farmers make the story personal and connect farmers and city dwellers through shared experiences. One farmer, Kathryn Mentzer, talks about her experience as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and how her two occupations overlap. Digital advertisements with this same content target city consumers in our state.

The goal of the campaign is to show those who are removed from the farm the importance of agriculture and how it impacts their daily lives. The hope is they will cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for the industry.  

Illinois Runs on Homegrown Corn is funded by the Illinois Corn Marketing Board using farmer checkoff dollars. The messages aimed at city audiences are created to engage consumers and show them how modern agriculture contributes to their lives in positive ways.  

Overall, the video and messages are part of Illinois Farm Families which began in 2008 as a coalition of commodity groups and organizations which include, IL Beef, IL Corn, IL Farm Bureau, IL Pork, IL Soybeans, and Midwest Dairy. The coalition produces consumer-facing content aimed at those living in Chicago and other cities. Farmers across the state have an opportunity to volunteer for Illinois Farm Families and provide their perspective and experience to this audience.