IL Corn Empowers Teachers with Corn 101 Knowledge for Summer Institute Ag in the Classroom

Tara Desmond

Jun 29, 2023  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  ICMB |  Public Outreach

IL Corn is delighted to announce the successful culmination of its summer intern project with Illinois Ag in the Classroom, where interns passionately shared Corn 101 knowledge with teachers during the Summer Institute Ag in the Classroom events held across the state. This year, the IL Corn interns presented at over eighteen events, equipping teachers with valuable resources to bridge the gap between the farm and the consumer.


Macon County Farm Bureau TeachersRecognizing the significant disconnect that exists between modern agriculture and the general public, particularly in educational settings, IL Corn has prioritized fostering agricultural literacy through investing in Illinois Ag in the Classroom. The Summer Institute events serve as a crucial platform for IL Corn interns to engage with educators, enlightening them about the corn industry and providing them with the necessary tools to incorporate agricultural content into their classrooms.


"IL Corn is committed to closing the gap between farmers and consumers, and a key element of achieving this is through empowering teachers with agricultural knowledge," said Rod Weinzierl, Executive Director at IL Corn. "By collaborating with teachers and providing them with complementary resources, we are equipping them with the necessary tools to foster agricultural literacy and cultivate a deeper understanding of the vital role farming plays in our state."


Throughout the summer, IL Corn interns shared their expertise and insights on Corn 101, covering topics such as the different types of corn, ethanol production and soil health. By engaging with teachers from various educational backgrounds, the interns sought to address the lack of ag-related content in most classrooms, emphasizing the importance of Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom programs in ensuring a well-rounded education for students. The students that are learning about agriculture today are the voters that will determine the future of agriculture tomorrow.


“Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom is excited to work with IL Corn and our commodity groups to further teacher knowledge about all of agriculture,” said Kevin Daugherty, Director at Illinois Agricultural in the Classroom. “Working with interns reminds our teachers of the direct impact that they have on students that are now a part of the world of agriculture.”


IL Corn remains dedicated to supporting teachers across the state, offering a range of complementary resources, including interactive activities and educational materials. These resources enable teachers to integrate agricultural concepts into their curriculum, making learning engaging, relevant, and impactful.