Corn & Soybean Farmers Can Experience “Fueling Progress” During Farm Progress Show

Lindsay Mitchell

Aug 14, 2023  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  ICMB |  Public Outreach

IL Corn and Illinois soybean association pit stop logoIL Corn and the Illinois Soybean Association are proud to showcase all the ways they are “Fueling Progress” during the Farm Progress Show, August 29-31 in Decatur, IL at Lot 605.


The shared exhibit will feature the organization’s top priorities – biofuels, consumer education, trade, and conservation – and dive into some of the best programming in these spaces over the past two years.


In the biofuels space, Illinois farmers can experience some key partners assisting to build infrastructure and biofuels demand, as well as promote important messages about how biofuels help the next generation of Illinois family farmers grow into the family business.


The organizations are proud to showcase this year’s flagship consumer education campaign, “We are the 96%” for farmer members, and to share the ways in which the campaign will continue to be amplified this fall and winter through new and innovative partnerships.


Conservation is an ever-expanding area of focus. Farmers that are interested in learning more about how they might try out new conservation practices on their farms or plug into existing cost share programs for cover crops and other practices should plan to stop by.


With Illinois exporting more commodities than any other state in the nation, we’ll be excited to share how your organizations are investing in trade relationships and new opportunities by opening up markets and international relationships for our commodities and their co-products.


Of course, we’re excited to welcome the Illinois Beef Association to the booth, and look forward to sharing space with other important national and state partners that are helping us leverage farmer dollars into more impactful and important programming.


All this and more when you visit IL Corn and Illinois Soybean Association’s “Fueling Progress” exhibit in Lot 605 at the Farm Progress Show.


BONUS: IL Corn Grower Association members will receive a premium gift when they bring the letter received to the IL Corn exhibit. And all members of the association get a free sandwich at the Farm Progress Show with the postcard coupon from the mail.