Governor J.B Pritzker Talks with Commodity Groups at Farm Progress Show

Haley Bickelhaupt

Sep 14, 2023  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Ethanol |  Public Outreach

Cameras, carts and security details created quite a buzz at the commodity tent


IL Corn Growers Association members spoke with Governor Pritzker at Farm Progress Show about policy impacting Illinois farmers in late August. Steve Fourez, a corn farmer from Fairmount, spoke with the governor near the Illinois Farm Families booth and explained the consumer facing coalition.  


“Gov. Pritzker seemed very interested in learning more about our industry and priorities,” said Fourez. “He seemed to understand how important agriculture is to our state and was willing to listen to our message.”  


In addition to his stop in Decatur at the Farm Progress Show, Gov. Pritzker has supported several key initiatives related to ethanol and biofuels during his time in office. In April 2022, he joined seven other Midwestern Governors in a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency requesting the administration give states the ability to sell year-round E15. NCGA reports summertime E15 sales in 2022, saved drivers an average of 16 cents per gallon nationwide.  


This spring, the governor signed into law a Revenue Omnibus package which included sales tax incentives for higher blends of ethanol in Illinois. The incentives, originally sponsored by Senator Patrick Joyce (D-Essex), reduce the percentage of retail sales tax on E15 blends by 10 percent; mid-range blends by 20 percent; and reauthorizes the 100 percent reduction of sales tax for majority blended ethanol fuels (E-85). Moreover, the governor has also encouraged the growth of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) industry here in the state of Illinois through tax incentives signed into law this past year.


“We appreciate how much time the governor and his administration spent with commodity groups at the Farm Progress Show,” said IL Corn Director of Public Policy Brad Stotler. “It was a great opportunity for our industry to interact with the Governor and thank him for his support on some of our key priorities with biofuels.”