ICGA Honors Clemmons for Contributions to Agriculture Industry

Lindsay Mitchell

Nov 21, 2023  |  Today's News |  ICGA

The IL Corn Growers Association (ICGA) thanks Rich Clemmons for over four decades of work representing agriculture in Illinois policy. Clemmons announced his retirement after supporting ICGA as a lobbyist since 2008. 


“Rich Clemmons is a great advocate for agriculture and helped pass milestone bills impacting Illinois farmers throughout his career,” said ICGA President Matt Rush. “We are thankful for Rich’s time with ICGA and wish him the best of luck in his retirement.”


Clemmons began his career with the Illinois Agricultural Association, now the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) as a janitor in college. Following graduation, Clemmons held several roles at IFB including the Mason County Farm Bureau Executive Secretary and a position in local government for the IFB Governmental Affairs and Commodity Division.


He made the switch to lobbyist in 1979 and worked for the organization 36 total years. After retirement, Clemmons joined and later acquired GovPlus Capitol Consulting where he continued his policy affairs with ICGA and the Illinois Renewable Fuels Association.


During his career, Clemmons helped pass the Illinois Farmland Assessment Law. The legislation allowed agricultural land in Illinois to be taxed on its productivity and soil type instead of its price. He also worked to establish the Illinois Corn Marketing Act, which created the Illinois corn checkoff program.


Clemmons portfolio included work on Illinois’s original E10 tax incentive. His lobbying in the biofuels industry allowed him to represent corn farmers alongside ICGA before his employment with the organization.


“You can’t find better people in the world than farmers,” said Clemmons. “They are there to produce. They are concerned about their communities. I can’t say enough good things about agriculture.”


In addition to his professional career, Clemmons served as the president of the 4-H Foundation Board and the President of the Illinois State University Alumni Association. Clemmons and his wife Gretchen have been active members of First Baptist Church in Bloomington since 1977.