Valentine's Day Can be Corny

Tara Desmond

Feb 14, 2024  |  Today's News

It’s a day some of us may dread or love but IL Corn took this as a chance to partner with another ag company to spread the love.


“Prairie State Tractor caught my attention with their innovative and engaging content on Tik Tok which made me reach out to collaborate on this lovely holiday,” said Tara Desmond Marketing & Communications Manager at IL Corn.


After some brainstorming, IL Corn & Prairie State Tractor landed on cute and funny corny pick up lines but we also find it fun to educate farmers and non-farmers on the connections to corn and farming on this holiday. Watch this short video:



Non-farmers may not know that 99% of corn grown in Illinois is field corn.  Field or dent corn has over 4,000 uses but isn't the sweet corn we think about that comes in the can in the store.  Field corn is used to make corn syrup.

Corn syrup is a common ingredient in many hard candy recipes. It's a thick, light golden syrup made from pure glucose, a simple sugar. Corn syrup is used in candies to:

  • Prevent sugar crystals from forming
  • Provide shine
  • Give hard candy a smooth texture

So when you give that sweet treat to your friend, partner or whomever on this Valentine's Day - remember that corn farmers helped.