Lindsay Mitchell

Apr 06, 2018  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Ethanol |  Legislation & Regulation

President Trump and Members of Congress have been hearing a lot about how important the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) is to Illinois farmers and rural America.


Regardless, the White House is still considering a deal, presented by EPA Administrator Pruitt and oil refiners, that undermines the RFS.  We need the President to continue to stand up for farmers and stop the Environmental Protection Agency from taking actions behind closed doors that benefit refiners at the expense of farmers.


Because losing ethanol markets will have too big of an impact on farm families’ bottom line during an already tough economic time, the Illinois Corn Growers Association asked all farmers and interested ag professionals to make their voices heard today.


It’s time for EPA and the White House to consider real solutions, including Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) waiver that would allow year-round sales of blends greater than 10 percent, RIN market transparency, and for EPA to remove barriers to market access for higher ethanol blends.


The oil industry has already gotten a gift from the EPA. Since discussions about capping RIN prices have started in January, RIN prices have fallen 50 percent. We need to tell the President that ‘enough is enough’.


Call the White House comment line today before 3pm central or Monday between 8 am and noon central time.  (202-456-1111)

Keep calling if you get a busy signal.

When you get through, do not press any numbers on your keypad, but stay on the line to speak with a live operator.


You might consider sharing the message that:

  • Farmers are counting on President Trump to follow through on his commitment to support the RFS because the RFS works.
  • While the White House weighs policy options, EPA is undermining the RFS, and handing out waivers to refiners for millions of gallons in RFS volume requirements. Enough is enough.
  • I urge President Trump to maintain support for the RFS and rural America. Rural Americans cannot afford this deal, and farmers cannot afford EPA’s destructions of corn and ethanol demand.


Another great option is to tweet the President on this issue.

Use #RFSworks, and tweet to @realDonaldTrump and/or @POTUS


Sample Tweets:

  • President @realdonaldtrump – keep your promise to farmers – support the RFS. Don’t give in to Big Oil. #RFSWorks
  • President @realdonaldtrump – Don’t undermine the RFS. Let farmers and rural American know you still have their best interests in mind. Farmers can’t afford the EPA destroying corn and ethanol demand. #RFSWorks


We call on our farmers and friends quite a bit to make a difference in policies that impact the farm economy.  Thank you for working with us on these important issues!