Lindsay Mitchell

Mar 12, 2019  |  Today's News |  Farm Policy

The Illinois Corn Growers Association, with many other Illinois ag groups, collaborated on the new Illinois Agriculture: Let’s Grow book, which will be provided to all of the members of the Illinois General Assembly throughout the spring.


The book highlights areas of Illinois agriculture, with a focus on appealing to urban audiences, as most of our elected officials represent urban areas.  The goal of the book is to pique their interest in agriculture and help them with the resources they might need to learn more or ask questions about specific proposed Illinois policy.


The collaboration included prioritizing members of the Illinois legislature that are new to state government or are in leadership positions, with the hope that they can become interested and engaged in what agriculture means in our state.  Handing out this reference piece is also a good opportunity to be in touch with each elected official, meeting them or their staff face-to-face.


You can see the entire piece online at


If you are interested in learning more about the information within this book, or you want to know how agriculture is impacting your district, contact any of the organizations listed at the end of this book or email us.