Lindsay Mitchell

Nov 05, 2018  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Ethanol

Though the comment period fell right in the middle of corn harvest and fall field work, 31 Illinois farmers stood up for corn during the recent SAFE rule comment period.




Farmers from Kirkland, Assumption, August, Ludlow, Champaign, Granite City, and many other areas of the state joined together to tell the EPA that rules benefiting higher-octane will benefit corn farmers with larger ethanol markets!



This is an important way we can build markets for corn and increase profitability for farm families in Illinois.  Larger ethanol markets yield results for rural America.


The very simple message - corn farmers are struggling through a poor farm economy, need market demand, and rules that allow more ethanol in fuels blends will help – tells a compelling story to EPA rule makers. 


A total of 438,948 comments were submitted.  One of those was from your Illinois Corn Growers Association, another from National Corn, and several others from experts in the industry that we work with.  Together with you, we submitted around 40 comments explaining what corn farmers need.


We can still do better.  Next time we ask you to take action, will you be a part of our success? 


If you’re interested in being even more engaged in the political and regulatory process that governs your farm, let us know!