Nourish the Future

Nourish the Future is a national educational initiative sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association. IL Corn supports this educational platform through shared curriculum and by connecting our Illinois teachers to a national network of peers and resources.

Nourish the Future, a national education initiative developed by science teachers for science teachers, welcomed the new 2021 Teacher Leader Community.


Nourish the Future is funded by the National Corn Growers Association and made possible by corn growers and their state checkoff investment. The goal is to inspire a network of educators to foster critical thinking, connect students to modern agriculture, and provide science-based resources that meet teachers’ and students’ needs in the classroom. This program does the critical job of helping science teachers teach students how to solve pressing issues like sustainability, climate change, and feeding a growing global population through agriculture. Teachers are also armed with information about careers in these areas to share with their students.


Applicants for the Teacher Leader Community were considered after a rigorous, competitive selection process. 20 science educators were selected and will receive specialized training as part of this elite group. These instructors will participate in a series of regional and national training events including webinars and workshops. They will also collaborate to create new curriculum for classroom use. These materials will be available on the Nourish the Future website for teachers across the country to access.


“Our growers really want the public in general to understand modern farming and we know that we need a lot of talent to fill the technical jobs that our growers need for the future. We know that teachers are critical to helping achieve those goals, so we are really excited to support teacher through the checkoff so that they feel comfortable introducing ag topics in their classes,” said Robyn Allscheid, Director of Research and Productivity at National Corn Growers Association.


Agriculture is a vital partner in engaging students with STEM concepts in ways that directly and indirectly impact their lives. Not only does teaching ag-based curriculum in the science classroom inspire students to solve real-world science issues, reaching students is critical to address the job gap in agriculture-related careers, many of which are going unfilled.


Nourish the Future is developed by the National Corn Growers Association in partnership with, an education company dedicated to connecting industry to the classroom with exceptional learning experiences. Visit to learn more about the program and how you can get involved.


Nourish the Future